I Just Want To Talk About How I Just Want To Dance With You

A series of interview pamphlets on dance and criticism produced to accompany the project An Exact Vertigo, curated by Alexa Mardon and Brynn McNab, at Unit/Pitt Projects, Vancouver, March 14-April 10, 2016. Featuring conversations with Jane Ellison, Deanna Peters, Alexa Mardon, and Brynn McNab.

︎Read Pamphlet No. 1 
“Freedom Within A Form” with Jane Ellison

︎Read Pamphlet No. 2
“Comfily Clad in Adidas Sweats and Jackets” with Deanna Peters

︎Read Pamphlet No. 3
“Alexa Mardon & The Dance Appreciation Society”

︎Read Pamphlet No. 4
“Transformation into Language with Brynn McNab”